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Cotton Sleepwear Benefits
Benefits of Cotton Sleepwears
April 24, 2017
Believe it or not, there is nothing as good as slipping into a loose, airy, cozy cotton sleepwear before sleeping after a long day. Cotton fabric is a long-standing traditional textile is inarguable the most breathe-easy, comfortable, absorbent fabric that offers superior comfort. Sadly, not many people overlook cotton when picking a new piece of […]
How To Wear Your Bra.
March 27, 2017
  One may think that bras are a necessary evil—uncomfortable apparel that helps support your breasts thereby making you feel trapped. However, wearing the right bra size and learning how to put on a bra in a way that makes your breasts fill the cups, will make you feel very comfortable and your breasts looking […]
Fabric Glossary
Types Of Underwear Fabrics
February 21, 2017
              1 Acrylic: A synthetic fiber known for its wicking capabilities due to its quick drying time, Acrylic adds strength and durability to fabrics.    2 Bamboo: Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, Bamboo fabric is light and strong. It has wicking properties, is somewhat antibacterial, and is […]
Colour of underwear and it's Meaning.
What Does The Colour Of Your Underwear Say About You?
February 5, 2017
……Do you remember those pendants in the movie “Mother’s Day” that when worn would magically tell you your mood? You would imagine they are really magical right? What if your underwear could do the same thing? Getting worked up trying to undress on your wedding night or in the hospital would take on a totally […]
Prevention of Wrinkles on the Cleavage
How To Prevent Cleavage Wrinkles
January 20, 2017
A lot of women are worried when they see wrinkles appearing on certain parts of the body. For them it gives a negative feeling of “oh! I am aging”. Whereas there is a lot of focus on the cheeks, face, lips, eyes, neck but the chest or cleavage is often neglected. CAUSES Some health experts […]
Panties tips & your health
What Type Of Panties Are Healthy For The Ladies?
November 30, 2016
When choosing your underwear, the style shouldn’t be your only concern. For instance, some types of panties are just plain better for you than others, and this depends on the circumstances in which it’s being worn. However, you can ensure that you wear panties that wouldn’t leave you at risk for uncomfortable health complications. The […]
Underwear Tips
Different types of panties & when to wear them.
November 14, 2016
Briefs One of the types of panties many of us have got away from is briefs. A lot of ladies do not find them as fashionable as other panty types. They are a good choice when you’re on your period. They are also a good choice if you are recovering from an abdominal surgery because […]
Breast Cancer Awareness
Exclusive Interview with Dr.Femi Olaleye Medical Director Optimal Cancer Care Foundation
October 17, 2016
What is a Lump?   A lump is a localized swelling, protuberance, bulge, or bump that feels different from the tissue around it. Is a lump the same as having cancer? No, a lump is an abnormally growing tissue that may be non cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant) Is cancer a disease ?  Yes it is, […]
Other names used for underwears
underwear varieties
October 16, 2016
Undergarment– a garment worn under other garments body stocking – a one-piece tight-fitting undergarment for women that covers the torso (and may have sleeves and legs) bandeau, bra, brassiere – an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts camisole, underbodice – a short sleeveless undergarment for women chemise, shimmy, teddy, shift, slip – a […]
Fitting Guide
Find the right back size
October 2, 2016
Find the right back size
The back size relates to how the bra fits around your body and it provides most of the support so it should be firm but comfortable. Your band should be horizontal and not ride up your back at all. If it is loose, or it rides up at the back, try a smaller back size […]